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January 7th, 2011

A lot of gardening interested people are a bit intimidated by the thought of learning how to grow grapes. To be honest it really isn’t that much of a big deal. Growing grapes is no different that growing any other plant.If you are in doubt you should simply read up a bit on grape growing, before beginning your new project. It doesn’t take a pro to succesfully grow fantastic grapes.

Watching a project of your own take the form of something incredible will give you great satisfaction. These may sound like strong words, but you know what I mean. And after you learn how to grow grapes a bunch of possibilities opens up, because there are so many things you can do with your grapes besides simply eating them or making wine. Most people immediately think wine making, but there are many delicious recipes that also require grapes.

Before rushing into grape growing you must either consult a vendor, an expert or otherwise find some information on the different grape species. As you may know grapes grow all over the world but grapes in France are not the same as grapes in South America. This is the result of the different weather conditions in those areas. You will have to figure out which grape species can grow where you live. But don’t worry, this wont complicate things a whole lot and you will soon learn how to grow grapes.

Grapes are able to grow in many areas and different soils, but the most paramount thing is to ensure the grape plants recieve as much sun as possible. You got to select the optimal spot for your grapes. The more sun the plants get the sweeter the grapes will be. And naturally the plants require water so make sure to give them some during dry periods. This is a very important lesson in how to grow grapes.

Going organic or not is entirely up to you. Any grape plant will happily welcome a fertilizer and allthough manure is perfect for this it is something that most people don’t have access to. And it doesn’t smell very good either. So if you want to increase the output of your grape plants you should go and get some fertalizer. Again you might want to check out which type you must use for grapes. The type of soil may also have some significance to this, but soil analysis is bit out of scope when just learning how to grow grapes.

The last thing I would like to say about how to grow grapes is pruning, which is the key to maintaing your grape plants. If you allow the plants to grow freely, then they will suddenly reach a size which is unsustainable by their roots. This results in fewer and smaller grapes because the plants themselves will require more nourishment. A most undesirable result when thinking about all the work you otherwise put into the project.

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